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The Missouri Sociological Association is a statewide collaboration between higher learning institutions and professional agencies as it relates to the discipline of sociology. Universities, community colleges, nonprofits, publishing companies, and other organizations come together every fall to celebrate the discipline and encourage growth in the social sciences. MSA is an interdisciplinary association that strives to conduct meaningful discourse about Sociology in the state of Missouri. This website will serve as a repository for all things sociology in the state.

As we watch the changes in society we understand that as sociologist we need to make our voices heard. We need to grow our discipline and return to some of the foundational principles of our discipline, theory, evidence based research the development of critical thinking skills and community engagement. In the last 10 years sociological presence in higher education has been in a steady state of decline in Missouri. In the last few years several programs have even closed and in many institutions sociology classes have been relegated to simple general education requirements.

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